Best Sedans Under $15,000

What are the Top 5 Sedans Available (in The U.S.) for Under $15,000?

Sedans are cars that are comfortable to drive, hold up to 5 people, has a boot, and will handle well. That is why every car buying guide will always have a number of these cars and here are a few of the 2016 best sedans that are also categorized as cheap. What are the best sedans under $15,000?

Here are the best sedans under $15,000:

2010-Mazda-CX-7-3Mazda CX-7

It has a sharp body with a punchy 2.3L engine. As far as having a bit of fun with a cheap sedan goes, this is it. It also features a 6 speed automatic transmission.


Mitsubishi Lancer

Probably the one that has the best handling and performance, it also has serous racing pedigree. If you like to take fast corners, this one can handle itself better than most sports cars out there!


Kia-Rio-1Kia Rio

A cute sedan that just does its job well. It is also fuel efficient and easy to drive.


Ford Fiesta

The global fiesta is a good looking car that delivers. You can seldom go wrong with a Ford.

api-model-year-imageNissan Versa

A neat sedan that is spacious, good looking and reliable. The car has won a number of awards around the world and is a no fuss buy.

A cheap sedan does not always have to be a bad one, and you need not compromise on quality when car shopping.